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Victim of a Shooting or Violent Crime?

Have you or a family member been the victim of a shooting?

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At Langdon & Emison we work to help shooting victims understand their rights and protections under the law. In the event you or a loved one is shot you may have grounds to sue the property owner for damages. Please contact us online or by calling our office at (800) 397-4910. We will advocate for you and determine whether you have a strong enough case to win compensation.

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America’s Premier Shooting Victim Compensation Attorneys

The toll on Americans from gun violence is enormous. Each year, 36,000 Americans are killed by guns – an average of 100 per day. Roughly, 100,000 Americans are wounded by guns each year, often with life-altering injuries. The epidemic of gun violence in the United States devastates our families and communities, especially the underserved communities of color. Black Americans are 10 times more likely than white Americans to be murdered with a gun. If you or a loved one have been seriously injured in a shooting, please consider speaking with an experienced Langdon & Emison lawyer.

What Does Your State Law Say Regarding Shooting Crimes?

Your ability to recover damages from a property or business owner depends on the state. In most states, a property or business owner has an obligation to protect their invitees from the foreseeable criminal actions of third parties. This means that if you are shot at a hotel, apartment complex, bar, or gas station where there was a history of criminal activity, the owner should have provided reasonable security to protect you from foreseeable danger. However, there are a few states that limit liability to situations where the property or business owner is aware of the imminent probability of specific harm to its customers. Click here for a 50-state summary of state laws on your ability to obtain compensation for being the victim of gun violence.

Results for Shooting Victims and Their Families

Langdon & Emison are highly skilled advocates of victim rights – successfully recovering millions for victims of violent crimes. Below are a few examples of successful recoveries obtained by Langdon & Emison for the victims of gun violence.

$2,000,000 Recovery for the Family of Thomas Orr Jr.

On August 20, 2018, Thomas Orr Jr., was a 24-year-old off-duty police officer attending an outdoor event called “Recovery Sunday” at a local bar in the entertainment district of Kansas City. It was a crowded event with over 500 attendees. There was a DJ and bottle service. But the bar, lacked security. Shortly before 8 pm, a patron got into a fight on the patio of the bar and opened fire into the crowded party, hitting and killing Mr. Orr. Langdon & Emison represented the family of Mr. Orr and recovered a settlement of two million dollars.

$2,000,000 Recovery for the Family of Nicholas and Justin Diemel

On July 21, 2019, the Diemel brothers were intentionally shot and killed by Garland Nelson. At the time of the murder, Mr. Nelson, who was out of federal prison on patrol, obtained a firearm from his mother and lured the Diemel brothers to his family’s farm under the guise of paying for previously delivered cattle. Mr. Nelson murdered both Nicholas and Justin Diemel after they arrived at his family’s farm. Langdon & Emison represented the family of Nicholas and Justin Diemel and recovered a settlement of two million dollars.

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